A brief history of 90s Clothes

90s Clothes will take you to your past where the 90s were a great decade for fashion. Big names in fashion are no longer related to the amount of clothing and underwear. In a minimalist touch that emphasizes the elegance and freedom of human form, the 90s displayed an excessive fear of over dressing. The luxurious class appearance is replaced by the beauty of plain simplicity. And regardless of product style, the way that is portrayed by the media is equally important in the success of a product. From there, we choose the name 90sClothes for our website. We are very inspired by clothing products in the 90s. Where major brands such as Gucci (which has existed since the 20s) found international success by winning the Brand of the Year award, became the best-selling Italian brand of all. And like Gucci, Prada has also become famous for a truly luxurious style that benefits young women whose fashion tastes are more relaxed and refined. We are very inspired by them and we dream to be like them.

Back To The 90s

A 90s theme party would be a great opportunity to recognize the computer era. Personal computers were really becoming affordable in early 1990, and were being seen more and more in homes everywhere. A great game would be obscure computer, history, and television trivia. Just remember terms like ‘dot matrix’ and MS Dos. Include 90s clothing and hairstyles, and you have a 90s theme party to remember. Grunge, President Clinton, and 90s music were the major earmarks of this period of time. You could incorporate grunge and gansta rap, long chain wallets, baggy pants, and all the grunge you can muster. Serve all the junk food you can think of, and even consider working in some of your favorite 90s movies, characters, or computer based game contests to round out the evening’s entertainment.

When Was 90sClothes Established?

We were established in 2017 and are still a small business at home. For 2 years we have been a vendor of custom t shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, baby onesies, and tank tops. In 2019, to be exact July, we decided to create an online website, to expand the marketing of our products. 90sclothes is indeed new in the online market, but we believe that we have a very strong foundation to compete in the online market. In the past 2 years we have been able to produce 1000 clothing products a day.

Why do we have the confidence to be able to compete in the Online Market, Especially in Fashion?

We are supported by people who are experts in fashion and design. As : 1. Mr. Daniel Setiawan (owner of 90sclothes) He is a local designer in Georgia, US, and has long been in the world of fashion, maybe since 2008. 2. Mrs. Eva Heitz (Marketing Manager) She is a graduate of the marketing department at Georgia States University. Before she worked at 90sclothes she worked in various offices in Georgia. 3. Mr. Jallu Allford (Illustrator) He is an illustrator, his art works are sold in various online marketplaces. Besides having experts, we also have high-quality printing machines. Why do you have to shop at our place? In shopping online, there are many things you should consider, such as: 1. Product quality 2. Print quality 3. Delivery speed 4. Seller response At 90sClothes we fulfill all of the above elements. For product quality, we are very strict in matters of material selection and finishing results. We also have a printing press whose results will not make you disappointed. We work with various shipping companies to speed the delivery of your order. We also have a special admin to answer all your questions. So don’t worry about shopping on our website, we will provide the best service and products for you all.

This site is owned and operated by DANIEL SETIAWAN